10 Best Places To Buy Gold

If you have some spare cash to buy gold, then you have probably considered the countless gold coins that are available to purchase. There are, of course, many different places where you can purchase and sell these coins, but for now, we will only cover the ten best places to buy gold.

Top 10 Places To Buy Gold

1. Monex

Monex, established in 1977 and with offices in California, Colorado, and New York, is a full-service precious metals dealer and brokerage. Monex offers both bullion coins and bars for sale as well as IRA accounts for precious metal investing. Best of all, Monex has one of the largest inventories of gold coins on the market and sells them at some of the lowest prices possible.

2. Goldbroker Inc.

Goldbroker Inc., established in 2004, is a particularly interesting company to buy gold through because it specializes in “platinum group metals” which are more valuable than gold itself. In addition to selling gold and platinum, the company also sells silver, palladium, and rhodium. The company is well known for its gold-backed credit card program and has an excellent customer service team operating around the clock to accommodate your every need.

3. Kitco

With a focus on precious metals trading, Kitco is no stranger to silver and has been around since 1996. The company has been consistently ranked as one of the top 10 precious metals dealers by a number of respected rating systems including Investor’s Business Daily’s “Purchasing Power” index which ranks its investment success on a yearly basis.


APMEX, short for the American Precious Metals Exchange, is perhaps our favorite place to buy gold and offers some of the lowest gold prices in the business. The company has a wide selection of gold coins, bars, and other products and has been featured in such publications as the Wall Street Journal and Money Magazine.

5. Provident Metals

2014 was a great year for Provident Metals as the company scored highly on two independent rating systems: Trade Risk International’s “World’s Most Trusted Gold Vendor” guide as well as Forbes’ own “Best Online Gold Dealer” guide. The company also offers an array of products and features some of the highest gold prices on the market.

6. JM Bullion

Established in 2009, JM Bullion is a new company that specializes in buying gold, silver, and platinum as well as selling metals at competitive prices. The company is growing rapidly and was recently voted as one of the 15 best gold buying sites by Bloomberg.

Other include;


8. Cash4Gold

9. Amarkets/AmarCoins

10. GoldBroker

All of these companies have high customer satisfaction ratings and are worthwhile places to consider when you need to buy gold. Generally speaking, the higher a company scores on independent rating systems, the better it will be able to serve you. In addition, most companies that sell precious metals will allow you to sell your old bullion at current market prices which is something that you should take advantage of if possible.

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