A Look At Photo Gift Customized Album

There is something magical about customized photo gift albums. They make the photos feel that much more special, because they are presented in a way which you created. It could be wedding photos or baby pictures, but no matter what – there is a unique level of love and care that has gone into creating the order for it to be made. The album becomes a keepsake for years to come and will always remind you of this one special event or time in your life.

These albums come in three sizes. The 12”x12” size is the most popular of all photo albums. The smaller size is 8”x8” and the largest one is a photo book of 16 pages (inside dimension of this book is 11″x11″). We offer high quality premium paper for the front and back covers in White, Chocolate or Natural color(s).

The 12″x12″ album includes 20 pages. 12″x12″ album includes 20 pages.

The 8″x8″ album includes 20 pages. 8″x8″ album includes 20 pages.

We can make a photo gift customized album for you in various sizes and with various numbers of pages inside (within the standard range of what we offer). Let us know which option is the best one for you and we will make it for you.

All our photo gift customized albums come with a thick, bright white matting on outside pages and are laminated. The front and back of the album are covered with an additional premium paper, which you select. It’s important that your choice of cover matches the color theme you want to achieve in your album.

What is included:

This is roughly 2-3 albums, depending on how many photos you want in each book. It will be designed with your chosen theme and images. The album should be a nice-sized book and the pages should have a decent thickness to them (most photo albums are around 200-250 pages), the thicker the pages, the more expensive it is to make. For each additional book, there is an extra $35 charge for shipping.

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