About The Susan Graver High Stretch Denim Long Jean Jacket

With summer in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about getting out of the house and spending some time at the beach or pool. Opting for a comfortable outfit will make your day more enjoyable and productive. While you’re grabbing that sunscreen and a few towels, grab a high-quality denim jacket with zippers at running length if you are looking for something stylish yet practical. But, if you are concerned with what you’re wearing in the water, then you may want to opt for one of our more fashionable denim jackets instead.

Available colors: Mint, Burgundy, and Khaki

Susan Graver High Stretch Denim Long Jean Jacket is an elegant designer jacket that is elegant and trendy at the same time. The jacket is made from high stretch denim that falls smoothly and drapes beautifully. With a relaxed fit, the jacket is versatile enough to wear as a cover-up or with skinny pants.

Thai designer Susan Graver has been on the rise since 2005. Creating elegant yet stylish apparel that fits perfectly and looks fabulous, Ms. Graver continues to inspire others with her unique designs. Emphasizing comfort and fashion over trends, her company embodies casual elegance while maintaining a level of sophistication. Through her design process, Ms. Graver focuses on fabrics that hug the body, flatter your natural shape, and maintain their form. This allows for a smooth silhouette that is sophisticated and flattering.

The Susan Graver High Stretch Denim Jacket features a double button front closure with zipper pockets over each breast. The sleeves are finished with zippers at the end of each cuff. Both the front and back have belt loops on cuffs, giving you the option to wear a belt if desired. The jacket has a straight back. It is made in 2 colors, black and blue. This designer jacket will be sure to get you noticed because of its trendy style and high-quality material.

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