All About Giuseppe Zanotti-luxury Designer

Giuseppe Zanotti is one of the most influential, internationally recognized luxury shoe designers in the world. In a span of only two decades, he has redefined luxury, transforming and revolutionizing the inimitable meaning of this word. His unique and innovative designs have made him an icon for the fashion industry; but his influence reaches to every sector—from cinema to music—and beyond.

Born in 1971, Giuseppe Zanotti was brought up in northern Italy by a shoemaker father. As the second son of a family of four boys (younger brother Paolo would later help him with his business), Giuseppe learned the artistry and business of making shoes at an early age. It was a rich tradition that he took to like a duck takes to water.

The distinctive style, design and quality standards of his shoes have made him hugely popular in fashion circles worldwide. Celebrities, royalty, and fashionistas from Asia to America have all been drawn to the cutting-edge appeal of Zanotti’s shoes.

He has launched some iconic styles such as his innovative Flats, classic Cap-Toe heels, and “Leopard” high heeled boots. The designer has also made waves with other stylish designs like flat pumps, loafers and spike heels.

He began his career in the fashion industry at the age of 16, when he began assisting the designer and leading shoemaker Sergio Rossi. In 1989 Giuseppe became head designer for shoe company Sergio Rossi and was appointed by Oprah Winfrey as her personal shopper from 1998 to 2001. He later launched his own brand of shoes: “Giuseppe Zanotti” and “Giuseppe Zanotti S.p.A.” in 2001.

The company’s mission is to design for the woman who loves to dress, loves fashion and wants to be beautiful. The use of high quality materials, combined with technical innovations and futuristic designs have helped make Zanotti’s shoes a world-wide success.

First Lady Michelle Obama was a fan of the brand since her time as First Lady. In early 2011, Zanotti was chosen by Michelle Obama as one of THE designers for an exclusive capsule collection designed for Target’s “Go International” campaign which will debut in spring 2011.

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