All You Need To Know About Women’s Clear Bubble Umbrella

Imagine coming out of a downpour to find your umbrella soaked and soggy, drooping in your hand as you struggle to use it. Not any more! Introducing the Clear Bubble Umbrella, the first intentionally leak-proof umbrella with a clear cover that actually protects you from the rain and lets you see through. Patented technology allows water droplets to be blown off the fabric while still being see-through so you can stay dry, stylish, and most importantly…dry.

The Women’s Clear Bubble umbrellas are made from a proprietary fabric that is designed to keep the rain off without making you feel claustrophobic.

Why Women’s Clear Bubble Umbrella?

1. Stay Dry All Day Long

Tired of being caught in the rain without an umbrella? At least with a Clear Bubble Umbrella, you’ll be able to keep yourself and your things dry.

2. 100% Waterproof

Each Clear Bubble Umbrella is 100% waterproof and ready for a downpour. It stays dry, you stay dry, and you’re happy.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Intelligent design meets modern style with each Clear Bubble Umbrella. Tired of the same old boring rain protection? The Clear Bubble Umbrella comes in several colors to match your style.

4. Improved Functionality

Ease of use is one of the most important aspects of any umbrella. Clear Bubble Umbrellas are incredibly lightweight, yet durable.

5. Available in The Following Colors: Clear, Hot Pink, Gunmetal, Purple, Silver

6. The Only Leak-Proof Umbrella with a Clear Internal Cover

Heavy cotton or canvas umbrella can absorb water when it’s raining and leave you soaked and uncomfortable. The Clear Bubble Umbrella is completely different in design; it’s made from a water-fearing fabric that shields you from the rain without being see-through.

7. A Leak-Proof Clear Cover

A normal umbrella’s canvas is see-through, meaning it will absorb water when it rains and you’ll end up getting soaked. The Clear Bubble Umbrella’s cover is completely different; it’s made from a proprietary fabric that repels water and keeps the inside completely dry.


The Clear Bubble Umbrella is a revolutionary umbrella that will revolutionize the way you interact with the rain. Elegant, functional, and well-made, the Clear Bubble Umbrella is a product to remember, treasure, and most importantly use.

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