How To Make A Women’s Diagonal Bag

This post will teach you how to make a women’s diagonal bag in 10 steps. It can also be used as a pattern so that you can make it yourself!

1. Cut the yarn into four separate pieces of the same length

2. Knot the four pieces together, making sure they are evenly distributed across your yarn holder

3. Tie one piece of yarn on top of another to create a loop, then tie around your waist in order to make sure it fits properly

4. Take five ties from two other lengths and thread them through each loop

5. Take five more ties and knot them into one loop on either side of where you tied the first group

6. Sew yarn to add a strap around the neck of your bag

7. Take the four pieces remaining and loop each through one side of your bag. They should be evenly distributed

8. Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 on the other side of your bag

9. Leave a space open in order to insert velcro and close said space

10. Sew velcro onto each end in order to create a proper closure for your bag

And that’s it! Add any finishing touches that you’d like; such as studs, or fabric paint, or personal touch!

Why should you make this Diagonal Bag?

You can make a large, stylish purse in no time at all. When your timeline isn’t the best, making a bag is an excellent alternative. It’s also a great way to practice your sewing techniques without spending hundreds of dollars on expensive material.

There are so many ways you can customize this pattern so that it works for you and your style! You can make each bag a different color or have them have the same one. You can also choose a different color for the strap or the closure. You could add a different size to the bag, change the size of the opening, or even make it bigger!

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