Reasons Why The Apple Tablet Is So Popular


The popularity of the Apple tablet has been on the rise since its release in 2011 and the latest version, iPad Air 2, sold more than 3.7 million units on launch day alone. The Cupertino-based company is preparing to release a new iPad Pro that will be thinner and lighter than its predecessors.

The following are some of the reasons why the Apple tablet is so popular:

1. Good Design

The good design of the iPad is one of the main reasons why people like it. This tablet was designed to be portable and lightweight, and it was made to be easy to grip even with one hand. The design of this product makes it feel great in your hands, especially if you are on a bus or a train traveling and it feels much easier to hold and use than other tablets such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note series tablets.

2. The OS is fast

iPhone users are used to the speed and simplicity of using an Apple device. They don’t have to wait for their phones to boot up because they have a virtually instant-on device with a great operating system that is simple and easy to use.

3. Great App Store

The iPad has the best app store when compared to other tablets such as Android tablets and Windows tablets. This tablet’s app store offers not only great games but business apps as well. Most apps that are offered on the app store are free, which is awesome if you are someone who has limited funds.

4. It is not bulky

If you compared the iPad Air 2 to other tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Note 10, you will see that the Apple tablet is much lighter and thinner than other tablets. 6. It has a great battery life The battery life of the Apple tablet is one of the best in its class and it can go for more than ten hours on a single charge.


The popularity of the iPad continues to grow and Apple is expected to release several new tablets in the coming years. So far, iPad has been able to maintain its competitive edge on other tablets even with the recent release of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.

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