The Lancer The Method: Polish For Normal Combination Skin That Works

The Lancer Method is a holistic, non-invasive skincare system that has been formulated to bring the best of dermatology and cosmetology together. It was founded by Dr. Norman Orentreich in 1975 with his patented invention called the “Lancer Technique” which he developed as an alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery procedures. The method uses pure plant oils, waxes, and butter instead of synthetic ingredients like preservatives or fragrances, making it ideal for sensitive skin types such as rosacea sufferers because there’s less chance of irritation caused by chemical substances found in many traditional products on the market today.

All the ingredients of the Lancer Method are gentle, non-toxic, and biologically active, each one is carefully chosen for its particular properties to address specific skin conditions or problems. The Lancer Method has been described as being a “no-fuss” system because all it does is moisturize and keep skin nourished, natural oils like olive, coconut, and sweet almond oils penetrate the skin more rapidly than water-based ones such as rose or lavender essential oil. It’s basically what a lot of people use at home anyway!

The Lancer Method can be used daily, once every two to three days, or every night if you have particularly sensitive skin. The Lancer method also contains ingredients like lanolin oil which is derived from sheep wool. This is perfect for people with sensitive skin who may experience irritation from other products containing paraffin waxes or other animal byproducts.

A note on botanicals: BOTH the red and white mulberry contain anthocyanins, which are plant pigments that give the fruit its purplish color. These compounds are important antioxidants that help fight free radicals in the body and can reduce dark spots on the skin by inhibiting melanin production (Source 1). Anthocyanins are also anti-inflammatory (Source 2). In addition to their antioxidant properties, they also promote collagen production in your skin which improves firmness and elasticity.

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