All About KEEN Adjustable Sport Sandals

KEEN stands for “Kids for Enjoyment and Athletics” and that’s what these sandals are all about. From the most casual to the most active, KEEN has a sports sandal for you.

Since these sandals are made out of mesh material, you will feel totally secure in them as they are water-resistant. These Keen sandals will keep your feet dry when it rains or in other wet settings. The Keen Deercreek also has an adjustable strap at the ankle so even if your child grows, it will still fit.

Another great feature these sandals have is the sole. The sole is thick and sturdy so your feet are comfortable and protected. These sandals are also lightweight, which makes them perfect for long walks, hikes, or any other sporty settings. You can even use these shoes to play some soccer, dance, or any other activity that requires a shoe with a lot of support, comfort, and decent traction.

The KEEN Adjustable Sport Sandals are a great alternative to the so-called “athletic sandal” and they come in 5 different styles:

KEEN Kids Deercreek – Perfect for those little kids who want shoes that can hold up to the wetness of their daily life. You can also choose to use these beach shoes as outdoor footwear since they have an adjustable ankle strap for when your child grows.

KEEN Adjustable Sport Sandals – This shoe comes with a side strap and is easy to put on. A durable rubber sole will protect your child’s feet from rocks and any other bumps that might be found outdoors.

KEEN Kids Scuba – The KEEN Kids Scuba Sandal is an adjustable strap sandal that has a smooth footbed, so your child can run freely without the worry of chafing.

KEEN Adjustable Sport Sandals – The adjustable straps on these sandals are easy to use and you can adjust them to fit even your smallest child. These sandals also have a footbed that is soft and cushioned, so your child will feel good while they are wearing them.

KEEN Kids Drop Stitch – The KEEN Kids Drop Stitch Sandal has a breathable mesh upper lining, so your child can wear them comfortably on even the hottest days.

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