Jason Wu Printed Floral Chiffon Scarf Top

If you love to experiment with your style and are looking for something different in the way of fashion, J. Jason Wu’s printed floral chiffon scarf top may be the perfect match for you! The lightweight fabric is soft to touch and features an intricate pattern of flowers on a blue backdrop. The silk lining provides sophistication along with an elegant tone.

The neckline is shaped into a V-shape with two thin straps. The wrap style creates a flattering, feminine silhouette and shows off your curves! The long length and the scarf added to the hip can be used to conceal larger areas of your body that you may be less confident about.

This top is ideal for pairing with high-waisted pants or skirts. It is also very appropriate for layering with other tops or jackets that are deep in color.

The scarf can be tied at your neck or over your shoulder. The V-shape is so flattering that it may be easier for you to pull the scarf over your head. If you prefer to wear the scarf around your neck, then feel free to do so!

For an easy, breezy summer style, feel free to pair this top with a simple white short sleeve shirt or tank top underneath.

The design is created in a way that is both bold and subtle at the same time. The black color can be paired with either a bright or dark-colored skirt or pants. You can also wear your favorite jeans with this top to create an edgy, yet fashionable look! The neckline gives you the chance to try out different necklace styles. Experiment with different necklaces in order to find just the right style for your top.

J. Jason Wu has a great sense of fashion design and knows how to create pieces that will make you look fashionable while still maintaining your own personal style.

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