Memo Thong Bodysuit With Underwire


Memoir is a Dutch brand with an impeccable sense of style and design. Memo Thong Bodysuit with Underwire is made from an elastic stretchy fabric that will hug every curve on your body.

Factors to consider when buying this product

1) Size

Choose a thong bodysuit with an underwire that fits your body well. The fit should be snug, not loose and it should not restrict movement.

2) The fabric

Is it see-through? If you love to wear bodysuits out in the open, remember that this is essentially a lingerie item so you might want to get one designed from see-through fabric like lace. If you prefer something more subtle, we recommend getting an opaque fabric.

3) The design

This is a personal preference. Choose the design that you like most and that matches your style.

4) The undies

Again, choose a thong that fits you well and doesn’t ride up.

5) The style

Don’t hesitate to splurge on a stunning design. It’s completely worth it!

What you will love about this product

1) A beautiful bodysuit with underwire, this product has it all . . . it’s sexy, sophisticated, and uplifting all at the same time. It is also functional and does its job of keeping you cool when you are out on the town in scorching temperatures.

2) The material: This product is made from a fabric that is so soft. You will love to touch it. And feel it. And touch it again.

3) The prints: The product comes in a variety of beautiful designs. These have a touch of class that will make you feel like a million-dollar woman whenever you wear them!

4) The colors are stunning and the colors are complemented by the underwires and fit perfectly to our skin tone.

5) The thong fits like a glove, in the best way possible. It hugs every curve on your body, giving you a smooth look that is alluring even under your clothes.

6) This bodysuit stays put while you move. It won’t ride up nor will it come down during the day.


This product is worth every penny, especially if you are an avid wearer of bodysuits. It will help you feel cool and classy when the summer heat reaches your temperature. We recommend that you get this product!

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